Since 1997, Paul Millington has been creating and growing IT brands including: companies, Web sites, products, and services. We currently have hundreds of Web sites under management with a broad-range of clientele. Our focus is simple: Balancing creative brainpower and technology to maximize ROI for our clients. With this focus, we supply products & services targeting the following marketplaces: B2A ( Business-to-Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, which includes mobile), B2B (Business-to-Business), and B2C (Business-to-Consumer.) Since 2000, our Storeo(SM) line of Web services has served hundreds of thousands of individuals.

New in 2015, we are splitting our DNGi services into separate marketed brands. will solely cover domain name asset management for clientele. Storeo will continue to comprise our hosting & Web scripts services. Our Internet development & consulting services will be marketed under our PMKL brand.

Thank you for your patronage since 1997. We look forward to serving you for many decades to come.